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My Booth at QCS Festival

Booth 1 AHere’s a quick pic of the outside corner of my booth at the Quilt Craft and Sewing Festival in Pleasanton.  Two ladies said they thought I had the best looking both at the event.  What a compliment that was!

It’s been so much fun talking with all the ladies attending the show and happily selling patterns, kits and handbag notions.  My burnt edge flowers are almost sold out.  Woo Hoo!  Deb Cashatt there’s a booth here selling beautifully multi-colored boots and shoes.

New Bohemian Handbag

Bohemian-ruffles-fall-2013-I just finished this adorably ruffled Bohemian for the upcoming Quilt Sewing & Craft Festival that I’m vending at later this week. This is View C from The Bohemian handbag pattern. The handle is knitted I-cord with three coordinated cords and finished with tassels.