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Silkscapes Wall Art

Beneath-the-Seas This is a close up of my completed wall art featuring my Silkscapes technique.  I pieced 100% up-cycled silk pieces together, hand and machine sewed them onto a silk backing.  Then the fun part – embellishing!  I added Swavoski crystals, beads, pearls, cording and angel hair to bring the sea to life.  The full picture can be seen in the Gallery Section.

Flame Sculpted Flower Pins

Here is a picture bouquet of my flame sculpted fiber pins. These pins are lightweight and are a beautiful enhancement to a jacket, blouse, hat, handbag or whatever strikes your fancy. Yes, I literally burn the fabric edges over an open flame to bring in texture and to sculpt the fabric to a desired shape. Most of the pins are comprised of 12 – 15 layers of petals. I hand sew and lock stitched every three layers then finish them with a selection of Swarovski crystals and glass beads. I love doing these and with everything I create – no two are the same.

Infinity Scarves 2014

Infinity Scarf

Infinity Scarf


Here are a couple of scarves for the 2014 season.  All my scarves are hand crafted using up-cycled knits.  The reverse side is often from up-cycled shirts, dresses, skirts, etc. from the thrift stores.  I also use fabrics.


This red and black scarf represents about 15 hours of work because all the knit pieces were individually cut, all raw edges stitched to prevent fraying, pinned and pieced in place then sewn.  The real challenge was attaching the black cording.

Embellished up-cycled wool with charmuese on the reverse side.

Embellished up-cycled wool with charmuese on the reverse side.

The New Yorker – New sample

Quilted-CoralSQThis beauty is a new sample for The New Yorker handbag pattern View B. The overall coral color of the fabric is accented with lighter colors for a lovely Spring look. The fabric is from a Coldwater Creek jacket that I up-cycled. The lining is a 1.5 wide striped silk in complimentary colors that is from an up-cycled shirt. After auditioning several handle options I decided the perfect look for this handbag was a woven corded handle. I made it using the Diva Cord Maker.

Infinity Scarves for The Crocker Art Museum Holiday Show

Fall-2013 My infinity scarves are handcrafted using up-cycled sweaters in wool, cotton and acrylic with various fabrics from charmeuse to georgette to luscious silk velvet for the lining. These scarves are easy to wear and each is one of a kind. Click on this to link you to the information for The Crocker Art Museum’s Art & Craft Festival. I’m in the Memorial Hall, Space #125. PLEASE NOTE: This event is held at the Scottish Rite center NOT the museum.

Wearable Art for Fall 2013

Fall-2013-Feathers-&-Wool   This hat was especially fun to make. It features felted      wool with a deep purple chenille band. The embellishment is a grouping of colored feathers perfectly set off with an Italian pewter medallion and beads. This has a larger crown than most of my hats to give great effect to the feathers.


Fall-2013   These are some of the hats that I have been crafting for the upcoming Crocker Art Museum’s Holiday Show.  I have been doing a lot with flame sculpted fabric this season as is evident by the flowers enhancing both the read and purple hats.  The black hat and the turquoise hat have vintage applicaques as well as ribbons.  The fabrics on my hats range from cotton to wool to chenille and are all adjustable for a perfect fit.

New Bohemian Handbag

Bohemian-ruffles-fall-2013-I just finished this adorably ruffled Bohemian for the upcoming Quilt Sewing & Craft Festival that I’m vending at later this week. This is View C from The Bohemian handbag pattern. The handle is knitted I-cord with three coordinated cords and finished with tassels.

Silkscapes Day 1

Silkscapes class yesterday at the Crocker Art Museum. They are creating their shapes and how they want to arrange them to create their personal silk mosaic. One of the young (15?) Ardis, loved using the rotary cutter after I showed her how easy it was to use to create shapes.  What a delightful group of ladies to spend the afternoon with.


Jo and Jo Anne


Lourdes, Maralyn and Bernadette


Carla, Jo, Jo Anne, Victoria and Ardis

Crocker Art Museum – Silkscapes

SilkscapesI’m so excited to be teaching my Silkscapes Workshop at the Crocker Art Museum’s Studio Art Classes starting in July 2013.  The Crocker is a beautiful museum located right off the freeway in Sacramento, California.  The staff is  warm and welcoming and the classrooms have a lot of light and are quite roomy.  Here’s the link to my workshop at the Crocker:  Silkscapes


Silkscapes is a technique as well as a product workshop and is fully kitted.  You will learn how to play silk mosaics as a technique and leave with a finished clutch.  This is a terrific technique for collars, cuffs or that special quilt square. I hope you can join me.

Burnt Edge Fabric Flowers

Burnt Flower Bouquet

Burnt Flower Bouquet

Fabulous Burnt Edge Flowers for Spring.  These colorful, lightweight free-form flowers are one of a kind.  They are all embellished with just the right beads or crystals to perfectly enhance the colors of the petals.  They are available either with a pin backing to add to your favorite shirt, jacket, handbag or that special quilt square or with a hair elastic to adorn your hair.  They retail for $23.00 each and can be purchased by contacting me directly,, or by visiting me at one of the art shows I participate in this fall.  I also teach this as a workshop.