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New Brochure & NCQC

Brochure 2015 AS I have been preparing for my presentation at NCQC (Northern California Quilt Council) tomorrow I decided I just HAD to give my brochure a new look. Being inspired by Spring and the pansies on my deck I have added more color and changed out some pictures as well as text. I hope you like my new brochure as much as I.


Last week was also Meet the Teacher for NCQC – Northern California Quilt Council in Pleasant Hill.  These is a place where event bookers from quilt guilds in Northern California, anywhere from 50 to 100 people, come to hear and view perspective teachers to book for their guilds.  We, the teachers, each have three minutes to talk about what we offer in terms of presentations/lectures and workshops.  Let me tell you, that three minutes goes by very quickly.  I loved the interest and good response to my workshops.  I even had my first booking of the day before the event officially started.  That will make anyone happy. Here’s to a good 2015!


New Yorker Workshop

Three beautiful ladies and their New Yorker handbags.

Three beautiful ladies and their New Yorker handbags.

It was a busy week for me last week and a most enjoyable one. I had the pleasure of being with The Ladies of the Lake Quilt Guild in Lakeport over the weekend. I presented my trunk show, complete with handouts, tips, suggestions and, of course, door prizes to their Saturday morning meeting. The workshop, The New Yorker Handbag, was on Sunday. These are photos from some of the ladies in the workshop. I love seeing their individual creative approach to the handbag. Thank you all for being so warm and inviting.


Another lovely lady with her New Yorker!

Another lovely lady with her New Yorker!


Silkscapes – Completed Clutches

Thursday was my final workshop at The Crocker Art Museum. I so enjoyed all the lovely ladies and was especially delighted with their individual creativity. They all started with coordinated silk fabric and trims. How they decided to cut the shapes, place them and what stitches to use was entirely up to them. The results are exquisite. Did I mention that my two teens had never sewn on a sewing machine and were the first two finished?

Thank you to Emma Moore of the Crocker Art Museum and to the ladies who decided to spend four days of their Summer with me.

Lourdes and Jo Anne

Lourdes and Jo Anne

Lourdes's Clutch

Lourdes’s Clutch

Jo Anne's Clutch

Jo Anne’s Clutch

Ardis & Bernadette

Ardis & Bernadette

Ardis's Clutch

Ardis’s Clutch

Bernadett's Clutch

Bernadett’s Clutch

Jo G.'s Clutch

Jo G.’s Clutch


Valerie's clutch

Valerie’s clutch

Maralyn's Clutch

Maralyn’s Clutch

Silkscapes Day 1

Silkscapes class yesterday at the Crocker Art Museum. They are creating their shapes and how they want to arrange them to create their personal silk mosaic. One of the young (15?) Ardis, loved using the rotary cutter after I showed her how easy it was to use to create shapes.  What a delightful group of ladies to spend the afternoon with.


Jo and Jo Anne


Lourdes, Maralyn and Bernadette


Carla, Jo, Jo Anne, Victoria and Ardis

Crocker Art Museum – Silkscapes

SilkscapesI’m so excited to be teaching my Silkscapes Workshop at the Crocker Art Museum’s Studio Art Classes starting in July 2013.  The Crocker is a beautiful museum located right off the freeway in Sacramento, California.  The staff is  warm and welcoming and the classrooms have a lot of light and are quite roomy.  Here’s the link to my workshop at the Crocker:  Silkscapes


Silkscapes is a technique as well as a product workshop and is fully kitted.  You will learn how to play silk mosaics as a technique and leave with a finished clutch.  This is a terrific technique for collars, cuffs or that special quilt square. I hope you can join me.

Burnt Edge Fabric Flowers

Burnt Flower Bouquet

Burnt Flower Bouquet

Fabulous Burnt Edge Flowers for Spring.  These colorful, lightweight free-form flowers are one of a kind.  They are all embellished with just the right beads or crystals to perfectly enhance the colors of the petals.  They are available either with a pin backing to add to your favorite shirt, jacket, handbag or that special quilt square or with a hair elastic to adorn your hair.  They retail for $23.00 each and can be purchased by contacting me directly,, or by visiting me at one of the art shows I participate in this fall.  I also teach this as a workshop.