Valerie's clutch

Thursday was my final workshop at The Crocker Art Museum. I so enjoyed all the lovely ladies and was especially delighted with their individual creativity. They all started with coordinated silk fabric and trims. How they decided to cut the shapes, place them and what stitches to use was entirely up to them. The results are exquisite. Did I mention that my two teens had never sewn on a sewing machine and were the first two finished?

Thank you to Emma Moore of the Crocker Art Museum and to the ladies who decided to spend four days of their Summer with me.

Lourdes and Jo Anne
Lourdes and Jo Anne
Lourdes's Clutch
Lourdes’s Clutch
Jo Anne's Clutch
Jo Anne’s Clutch
Ardis & Bernadette
Ardis & Bernadette

Ardis's Clutch
Ardis’s Clutch
Bernadett's Clutch
Bernadett’s Clutch

Jo G.'s Clutch
Jo G.’s Clutch


Valerie's clutch
Valerie’s clutch

Maralyn's Clutch
Maralyn’s Clutch

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